Why Composite Wood Is The Best For Decking

25 June 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you want to add or upgrade the deck on your property, you should definitely consider using composite wood. Composite decking is a great solution for customers who want the look and style of real wood but do not want the headache and constant upkeep. This article will highlight the main advantages of composite decking and explain why it is more practical than natural wood.

Composite Decks Look Like the Real Thing

A composite wood plank is basically made out of wood that is ground-up and then glued back together. The end result is a very smooth, waterproof and durable product. Composite deck planks are made in a wide range of colors. Less expensive composite decking will look a little bit like particleboard. However, more expensive products have a printed layer around the edge. This layer is usually printed to look like popular hardwoods that are often used in decking. You can even find composite products that have fake texture that replicates the grain and knots in real wood. No matter which product you can afford, you can rest assured that your composite deck looks just like real wood from afar. It is only when you get up close and walk on it that you might realize that it is not actual hardwood. In fact, the more expensive products might even fool the most observant.

Composite Decks are Easy to Keep Up

Most people are initially drawn to composite decking simply because it's so easy to maintain and clean throughout the years. You do not need to invest in expensive wood stains to maintain the waterproof qualities of your decking. Better yet, you do not need to spend entire weekends every year re-staining your wooden deck. A composite deck will remain completely waterproof with very little care or attention. You might need to patch and repair holes or scratches in the surface, but you never need to repaint or stain them.

Maintaining your deck on a daily basis is also much easier. With a composite decking you can simply keep it clean by spraying it down with the hose or mopping it. To remove tougher stains or spills you can even resort to using a pressure washer with soap.

In the long run, a composite wood deck will last much longer, will require less maintenance, and look stylish at the same time. It is plain to see why it is such a great alternative to using real hardwood planks. Contact a business like Allweather Wood Products if you have specific questions about composite decking.