4 Things That The Best Industrial Machine Shops Have In Common

2 March 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

As someone in the manufacturing industry, you probably work with machine shops on a regular basis. Machine shops can help you repair equipment, build necessary specialized tools, create parts for you and more.

If you aren't working with the best of the best, however, you could be getting poor-quality work and products for an inflated price. Fortunately, it isn't as difficult to find a good machine shop as you probably think. The best machine shops all have a few different things in common, so look for these things before hiring any company to do work for your manufacturing plant.

1. On-Site Testing

Whether you are having a tiny part made or are relying on the machine shop to make a major repair to some of your equipment, your products should be fully tested before they ever arrive at your manufacturing plant.

2. Warranty on Work

When a repair job is done for your company, there should be a warranty on the work that is done. All custom-made tools and parts that you purchase should be under a warranty as well. Sometimes even the best machine shops make mistakes or have problems with their products and work, but they should always stand behind the work that they do and the things that they sell. Then, you won't have to worry about being stuck with the cost of repair or replacement.

3. Delivery to Your Place of Business

As someone who is probably very busy running your business, you don't have time to stop and go to the machine shop just to pick up the things that you have ordered. Plus, some things might be too large or heavy for you to easily transport to your plant. In these cases, a company that offers delivery to your place of business -- preferably for free or a low cost -- can be extremely helpful.

4. High-Quality Materials and Components

The materials and components that are used to repair or create your products should be of the highest possible quality. Ask about the grade of metal that is being used and the brand name of the components that will be placed on your products, and look for high quality. Then, you can count on your purchases and repairs to last for a long time.

Using a machine shop can be a wonderful thing for many industrial businesses. However, you should always look for a machine shop that offers these four things for best results. (For more information, contact Stamco Specialty Tool & Mfg Co (1979) Ltd or another company)