Learn How To Spot Possible Issues With Your Farms Conveyor System

2 February 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

When you own a farm, you often have a silo where you store the grain that you feed to your animals. In order to get the grain to the top of the silo to fill it, you need to have an operating conveyor system. If the system is not working properly, you will not be able to put the grain into the silo and it will rot because it is exposed to the elements. It is important to make sure that the conveyor system of your grain handling equipment is working well at all times to ensure that you are able to fill the silo when you need to. Use the following guide to learn how to spot issues with your conveyor system as soon as possible.

Look for Damage

Turn on the conveyor system before you place any grains on the belt. Look at the belt to make sure that there are not any rips, holes, or obvious signs of damage. This will ensure that the belt will not break while you are transporting the grain to the top of the silo and that the grain will not be contaminated during the transportation process.

Check for Debris

Once you put the grains on the belt, look around the edges of the belt to see if there are any grains that have kicked onto the ground. There are many times when the rollers that are used for the belt can become misaligned and cause the grain to kick off the belt at certain points. The rollers will need to be realigned to fix the problem.

Listen for Unusual Sounds

As the belt is rolling over the roller bars, listen to see if you hear any usual sounds. If the bars are misaligned, gears have debris in them, or the belt is starting to shift, the system will make a different sound than it normally does. Listening to hear if there are any differences can help you have the machine repaired before a small issue turns into a larger one.

Check the Guarding

The conveyor system will have guarding built on the edges of the belt. The guarding is designed to keep the grain on the belt as it travels to the top of the silo. If the guarding is damaged or pulling away from the system, it needs to be repaired right away or there is large amounts grain that could go to waste as it falls from the belt.

If you notice any of the issues, it is important to get a company that specializes in agricultural equipment repairs like K-Indu Ltd to come and repair the equipment right away. You do not want to lose any more grain than necessary. The repairs can typically be done within one day's time, so you do not have to leave your grain out in the elements for any longer than necessary.